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John Musster - CEO & CPO

With demonstrated expertise in operating and managing collaborative procurement[1] and managed services[2]; together with more than 40 years of procurement and supply chain management experiences across multiple industries [technology, construction, logistics] and markets [Asia Pacific]... John is the 'heart and soul' of CEIC.

As CEO & CPO, John takes a holistic approach to end-2-end planning and delivering value for money services across CEIC supply chain - where continues improvements and best practice frameworks deliver visible savings and realised benefits to each Member.

E: jmusster@cleanenergyinstallers.co | M: +61 [0]416 721 242

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[1] MDS Co-op (1997-2005): In 1997, John took ownership of 'My-D-Store' - an ICT sub-distributor with annual sales around $500,000. Over the next 7 years, John transformed the business into a dynamic buying group. As MDS Co-op, and with a procurement budget of over $50Million, the business supporting 260 ICT/IT retail business owners (Members) comprising over 600 retail outlets across Australia and New Zealand.

[2] HERM Logic (2005 - ): Following the sale of MDS Co-op, John surrounding himself with subject matter experts (SME) from multiple professions and established HERM Logic as a procurement and supply chain (P&SC) managed services (MS) firm. Together, John and his team have delivered in excess of $800 million in negotiated savings and realised benefits.
Major Clients: NSW Department of Finance, Service and Innovation (DFSI); Australian Defence Force (ADF); SERCO Asia Pacific; Australia Post;
Founder / CEO: HERM Logic > www.hermlogic.com -and- HERM Built > www.hermbuilt.com

Steven Williams - COO

Steve is a highly experienced corporate executive who honed his skills and experiences in corporate governance, policy development, managed services and data analytics with blue chip global corporations such as Baker McKenzie, AWA Defence, Nortel Network and Genband.

Steven's corporate disciplines and expertise will strongly contribute to CEIC's strategic and tactical growth as we navigate the business through these challenging times, and beyond COVID-19.

Paul Liccione CFO

Paul is highly regarded financial counsellor and sort after speaker who honed his skills and experiences at Westpac and RAMS Financial Services; and held executive management roles at RESI Corporation and eChoice.

Paul bring to CEIC corporate financial expertise and governance, including critical best practice disciplines, and risk management frameworks that will contribute to CEIC's sustainable growth in delivering key services at the lest cost to Member businesses (LCB) - where the Members will be able to trace the realised savings and benefits to a projects bottom-line, and within their P&L Statement.